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About us

 We  have many activities in LA

PMALA provides free networking, and learning opportunities for our group of 750 plus product professionals. We organize regular meetups and the annual ProductCamp. LA event that bring together top talent to share their knowledge and elevate digital product innovation in LA.

There is so much cool stuff going on in tech in this town. We had a blast getting to meet so many product-minded professionals. Specialities: Product Management. User Experience. Digital Product Strategy. Product Opportunity Discovery.

Our mission is to provide learning and networking opportunities, for our community. The group is free to join and open to all digital innovation and management professionals.  Many of our programs are free and some have nominal fees to cover costs. We organize Afterwork Events every 1-2 months, and our mentorship program where we connect working Product Managers with students from underrepresented populations to make a more diverse, better next gen of Product People.

Los Angeles

What we do


Check out the Founders In LA podcast, where Pmala's President, Ethan Cole PhD, shines
the spotlight on some of the exceptional Tech Leaders we have as part of the LA Community.
New guests each episode share their Startup’s purpose, their journey into becoming a
Founder, and of course, what’s the most "LA" thing that’s happened to them, tech-related or not.

1 Podcast

Volunteer Program

Volunteer with Pmala, you will help us with many tasks to perform and you will also enjoy the organization of our events, helping to expand your network.

2 Volunteer program
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