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How We Got Our Start

The Product Management Association of Los Angeles (PMA.LA), was founded in 2012 as a small Meetup group, to bring together Product Managers from companies around town, to learn from one another about who’s practicing digital product management in Los Angeles, and how the craft varies from one organization to another.

Ten years later, we have grown up to become a non-profit organization, with over 2,000+ product professionals, with events hosted by leading companies such as Google, Fandango, and Pivotal Labs.

Our mission is to provide learning and networking opportunities, for our community. The group is free to join and open to all digital innovation and management professionals.  Many of our programs are free and some have nominal fees to cover costs. We organize afterwork events every 1-2 months, and our mentorship program where we connect working Product Managers with students from underrepresented populations to make a more diverse, better next gen of Product People.

Join Us

The PMA.LA Team

The Product Management Association is a voluteer organization made up of product leaders from throughout the Southern California area.

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